In 2009, God birthed SHC in a living room with a handful of people.  That group grew, moved to another home, and then eventually launched "publicly" as a local church in the Cobb Theater.  For 6 years the Lord continued to mature and grow the church plant into a thriving church with the Hollywood 16 as "home base" for Sunday's worship gathering.  As we outgrew the theater numerically, coupled with unsuccessful attempts to move into other facilities, SHC decided to do something we had dreamed of doing in our infancy:  Be a church that planted other churches.  So in the fall of 2016, the people of SHC left the theater to plant two new churches both north (SHC:Northport) and south (SHC:BigSandy) of the river.  This move has allowed us to morph our ministry from a regional focus to intentionality within local communities. 

We would love to have you worship with us this Sunday as we grow together as a new church plant in Northport at
12143 Lary Lake Rd., Northport, Alabama, 35475

...the Gospel journey continues...