we understand: visiting a church can be nerve-racking

At SHC, we have nothing to hide and have listed the top 3 things you can expect when worshiping with us at one of our Sunday gatherings. 

HOW WE TEACH:  Our habit is to preach verse-by-verse straight through books of the Bible.  Why?  We believe the Bible is not a series of disconnected stories but every single verse points us to the grand narrative of grace, hope, freedom, offered only in Jesus.  So each week, our goal is to examine Jesus like a bee hovering around a flower at different angles.  He alone fosters true joy and worship.

HOW WE SING:  Content is far more important to us than style.  With that said, our style would best be described as non-descriptive.  On any given Sunday we might be led by a harmonica, banjo, guitar and full band - or - a piano, djembe and individual worship leader.  Whether we are singing a hymn or modern song, we place a premium on the lyrics that are coming out of our mouths and into our minds.

HOW WE INTERACT:  There are several distinctives of any church that give it a unique "personality".  Here are some you'll see at SHC:

  • Communion - The Lord's Supper as the centerpiece each Sunday, not out of ritual, but in response to the gracious news of the Gospel.
  • Hospitality - You'll find people there to welcome, connect, or simply show you where the coffee is from day one.
  • Simplicity - As a church plant and part of our DNA, we're not real flashy or choreographed.  Just real people worshiping Jesus.
  • Systematic - Being simple doesn't mean careless.  From security to atmosphere, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

                                                         Please do not hesitate to email us for any other questions you might have.