In a fast-paced, wave-on-the-way by culture, we want Safe Haven to stand out as a Gospel-centered community on mission together for Jesus.  Therefore, we want membership to actually mean something.  Rather than just being a name on a list, or a "check the box at the end of the service" moment, we want to know "members" are partnering with us, sacrificing generously, and serving the mission of Jesus together as we seek to make disciple-making disciples.

At SHC, our covenant partners are those that have affirmed our foundational beliefs and mission as a church family.  They have also gathered with an affirmation leader and committed to our local body of believers. 

Click the link to view our SHC Membership Covenant.

6 ways to connect at safe haven church

Moving you from first time attender to fully involved member is our hope at Safe Haven.  While attending a service, community group, or event is a great start, we want you to truly be part of our family.  Below you will find six ways to intentionally connect at SHC: