Visiting a church can be nerve-racking. 

To help paint a picture, we've listed many varied worship elements you can expect

when worshiping with us at one of our Sunday gatherings.  

LENGTH: A typical gathering lasts 60 minutes (10am-11am but arrive early for coffee and kids checkin).

SINGING: Harmonica, guitar, piano, trumpet, banjo, violin, anything goes. We think you'll find our musicians are incredibly talented, eclectic, and strive for excellence.  However, content is far more important to us than style. So whether we are singing a hymn or modern song, we place a premium on the lyrics that we are flooding our hearts with.

TEACHING: Our habit is to preach verse-by-verse straight through books of the Bible, believing we can't come up with anything more "relevant" topically than what God has given to us through His inspired Word "exegetically". Our main goal is that you walk away seeing Jesus as supreme and being enamored with how rich Scripture truly is on its own.


  • Baptism - For those ready to publicly profess Jesus as their Lord and Savior, we offer the celebration of baptism.
  • Child Dedication - For far more than pretty picture time, we offer covenant moments to commit to raising children in the Gospel.
  • Communion - The Lord's Supper is the centerpiece each Sunday, not out of ritual, but in response to the gracious news of the Gospel.
  • Giving - We joyfully and thankfully tithe back a portion of what God gives us for Gospel ministry in Northport and beyond.
  • Hospitality - You'll find people here to welcome, connect, or simply show you where the coffee is from day one.
  • Intentional Prayer - Each week we have dedicated time to speak with God in confession, assurance, and intercession for others.
  • Scripture Reading - The public reading of the Bible is not only commanded but our joy!  Anything else is just icing on the cake.
  • Simplicity - As a church plant and part of our DNA, we're not real flashy or choreographed.  Just real people worshiping Jesus.
  • Systematic - Being simple doesn't mean careless.  From security to atmosphere, we strive for excellence in everything we do.

                                                         Please do not hesitate to email us for any other questions you might have.