we love children

We believe the Bible should never be boring, church should be exciting, good leaders care, and friendships can be made that last a lifetime.  With these things in mind, Safe Haven Kids has age specific environments for your children each Sunday that are secured and equippedWe know things are busy at this stage of life and your children are learning and growing in exciting ways.

  • Babies - from birth to whenever they begin walking, your child will be loved and ministered to in this area
  • Walkers - as your child begins walking through age 2, they begin exploring the life with other kids their age in this area
  • Toddlers - from ages 2 to 3 Gospel (and life) exploration really takes off through song and video animated Bible storying at SHC
  • Preschool - preK and kindergartners then add more songs, small groups, and interactions pointing to Christ's substitutionary love
  • Elementary - 1st - 5th graders deepen their discipleship through events, groups, and much more to see the Gospel's grand narrative

Children at SHC will have gone through the entire Bible two times with their friends while in the Kids Ministry.  We encourage you to check out the attention grabbing yet doctrinally sound curriculum we use Below and at The Gospel Project.