Intentionally connecting as a part of our church family is easy and ... well ... intentional. 

Below are 3 steps and why each one exists.

  1. Fill out a connect card on Sunday and let us know how you prefer to be contacted.
  2. Read through our membership covenant to discover who we are and how you fit in.
  3. Attend a "Next Steps" gathering to learn more about connecting with ("joining") our church family.

We want membership to mean something other than just checking a box and becoming another name on a list.

So, our process has NO hidden agendas, beliefs, practices, secrets, and we have publicly provided all of our documents for the world to see and for your family to walk through together. Those who affirm our foundation beliefs, mission, and feel led to join together with us as we seek to make disciple-making-disciples become Covenant Partners.

Our Covenant Partners walk alongside one another in mission, community groups, family events, foreign missions, laughter, tears, successes, pain, worship gatherings, birthday parties, ballparks, arts, and everything else that life has to offer.

We have a place for you if the Lord is leading you and your family in this way.